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Tax Returns | Vaudreuil

The Canadian tax year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Contact Impot R Rousseau in Vaudreuil to organize your tax return this year!

Preparing for Tax Season

Filing a tax return can be stressful. For many, the process is confusing, especially if you don’t fully understand the deductions you can include to reduce your assessable income.

At Impot R Rousseau, we have years of experience filing tax returns. Contact us for personal assistance with your tax situation!

We make your tax return as painless as possible


Tax Returns Vaudreuil

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Everyone pays taxes in Canada. Generally, this includes three different types of taxes: income tax, CPP and EI.

Contact us to discuss the allowable deductions you can make to reduce your taxable income. We can help you understand the limitations of each deduction, and minimize the amount of tax you owe!

You may be due for a tax refund. Contact us to discuss your tax situation!


Tax Returns Vaudreuil

Expenses you can claim include:

Tax Returns Vaudreuil Medical